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Since 2002, customers across the Fox Valley have trusted Wisconsin Custom Machinery, Inc. for a range of custom machine design and build services. We offer complete solutions for our customers and our team has over 80 years of combined experience. We specialize in small and medium-sized projects and are known for our commitment to customer service and rapid turnaround times.

We have designed, engineered, & manufactured products including:

PC-36 Parts Accumulator

The parts accumulator is used to accumulate and protect finished parts discharging from CNC lathes. It comes in sizes 36″, 48″, and 60″. It is left or right hand rotation, and has adjustable legs for 12″ to 50″ height. The parts accumulator is PLC operated with HMI for setting parameters. (Optional belt conveyor available in multiple lengths)

Tilting Plate Saw

The tilting plate saw is a semi-automatic metal cutting band saw that traverses the length of its table. The saw head tilts from 90 deg vertical to 30 deg backward, and it’s height capacity is 14″ with 80″ of cutting travel length. It has a 1 1/4″ blade with a T slot work table for clamping. Head tilt is hydraulic while saw travel is servo driven with variable rate.

Single End Tenoner

WCM’s Single End Tenoner is designed to single end trim and cope stock. Its configured with one to four tooling stations and a 12” wide table and carriage are on the beam with linear bearings. Table can be manually operated or automatically cycled with the electric drive. The table retracts on the return stroke so stock does not pass through the cutters a second time. The table is equipped with two (2) pneumatic hold down clamps and protractor type swivel fence for miter cutting and flip-up stop with digital readout for length of cut.

CWS-20 Abrasive Saw

CWS-20 Wet Saw is a 15 HP custom circular wet saw for fixture cutting of components on a heavy 36″ x 24″ T-Slot table. The enclosure doors open and table extends out for easy loading. 20″ diameter blade capacity with flood coolant and semi automatic operation.

Programmable Abrasive Saw

The PWS-44 Abrasive saw has a 40 HP or 60 HP blade drive motor and 24″ to 44″ blade capacity This machine has a 48″ x 48″ load table with T-slots. The saw has 84″ of “X” table travel from left to right, 26″ of head “Y” travel, and 20″ of head “Z” travel. The machine is fully enclose with flood coolant and filtration.

Tube End Finisher

The Tube End Finisher simultaneously end faces and chamfers ID and OD edges. Tube size change over time is 45-50 seconds using interchangeable BT-40 style cutting heads and clamp jaws. Tube capacity is 1/2″ – 3″. O.D. The chamfer size is adjustable. The cutter head is completely guarded for safety and has foot pedal operation.

Challoner Tenoner Rebuilding

WCM is an experienced rebuilder of Challoner Double End Tenoners. We offer chain rebuilding and common wear components including hold down belts and pads, drive chain and sprockets and automation upgrades.

Custom Double End Trim Saw

WCM designed a custom double end trim saw for Dow Chemical for cutting particulate filters. The machine was robotic loaded, fully enclosed and trimmed two faces parallel within 0.002″

Tube Flanging Machine

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